Includes how Salesforce customers can see maximum ROI with detailed best practices 

DENVER, CO, January 25, 2021 – Spinnaker Support, the premier global provider of enterprise software support services and consulting, today announced the publication of a new research report, “Four Winning Strategies to Achieve Salesforce Project Success.” The report identifies the key steps that companies take to successfully deliver new Salesforce capabilities. The third-party research also highlights the importance of engaging with external firms, such as managed services providers, for optimal Salesforce project success. 

Spinnaker Support sponsored the project through Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), an agnostic technology research and advisory firm, to identify and survey dedicated Salesforce decision-makers, architects, developers, and administrators. The goal was to identify the approaches that are working for organizations looking to optimize their Salesforce ecosystems.  

The findings from this new research provide undeniable evidence that upfront investment in discovery with users and retaining external experts are integral steps to any successful Salesforce platform implementation. The survey captured a range of opinions and comments that are shared verbatim in the report. 

The research findings include: 

  • Whether your Salesforce implementation is going live in one release or incrementally, user involvement should not be relegated to requirements gathering at the beginning and training at the end. Keep users involved throughout the process. 
  • Deliver changes incrementally starting with the biggest business problem and then addressing the next challenge. This will cause less stress for users and mitigate impact to business practices. 
  • Businesses that augmented their internal team with an experienced external service vendor rated the best success with Salesforce projects and implementation. Managed services providers achieved the highest scores. 

“The secret to maximizing your Salesforce ROI as your business grows and changes is to figure out the best way to continually configure and deploy new features and updates,” stated Chad Stewart, Vice President of SaaS Global Support Services at Spinnaker Support. “You will know that you have found the right balance of support investment when you are releasing meaningful improvements on a continuous cadence that pushes your business forward. This research includes advice on how to do exactly that.” 

To access the four winning strategies, plus additional insights and quotes from experienced Salesforce professionals, download here.

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