Survey results show high level of uncertainty with SAP S/4HANA

DENVER, مايو 4, 2015 – Spinnaker Support, a leading global provider of SAP and Oracle enterprise software support and managed services, today unveiled results of a survey taken by SAP users across the globe. Most respondents are at least somewhat familiar with S/4HANA. However, just 17% currently intend to adopt it. Furthermore, the uncertain roadmap and value proposition associated with S/4HANA has many SAP user organizations scrutinizing the value of the SAP-provided support they now receive. This environment is increasingly driving awareness of third-party alternatives for SAP support as a means to retain or restore premier support and to reduce costs until S/4HANA details are more clearly communicated.

More than 180 SAP users took part in the survey, hailing from more than 20 countries and spanning virtually every major industry segment. Participants included IT, financial, and procurement professionals from within the SAP user community.

“S/4HANA promises faster processes and analytics, and simplified data models – deployed anyway you like,” said Lee Mashburn, Vice President of Marketing at Spinnaker Support. “Converting the vague S/4HANA roadmap and value proposition into reality is far from simple. It will likely take years to resolve. We are helping our SAP clients navigate through the fog of S/4HANA uncertainty by delivering world-class support for a fraction of what they’re used to paying, while in no way hindering their ability to re-engage with SAP support in the future.”

Key Survey Findings

  1. 82% of respondents now run version ECC6. However, only 36% of those on ECC6 have upgraded to enhancement pack 7. The business case for upgrading has not been made by SAP. Most respondents see their current version as meeting business needs.
  2. 74% of respondents are at least vaguely familiar with S/4HANA. Most are either undecided about their adoption of S/4HANA or have no current intentions to migrate to S/4HANA. 52% are now undecided. They indicated that more clarity is required concerning license and support costs, migration of customizations, and industry-specific readiness.
  3. Only 17% of respondents plan to migrate to S/4HANA. Less than 20% of respondents who plan to adopt S/4HANA would do so within the next two years. 36% plan to adopt no sooner than 6 years from now.
  4. Respondents cite slowing responsiveness, decreasing value, and a forced march to self-support as growing challenges with SAP-provided software support. Just 34% indicated they are happy with SAP-provided support.
  5. Many respondents feel that moving away from SAP-provided support precludes them from upgrading in the future, results in untenable back charges to re-engage with SAP, or impedes ability to purchase additional SAP software licenses. These concerns need to be thoroughly vetted, as they are easily overcome with effective negotiation and customer-friendly contracts.
  6. The vague roadmap and value proposition for S/4HANA, combined with growing challenges experienced with SAP-provided software support, are driving more investigation and adoption of third-party SAP support alternatives.
  7. Increasingly, the SAP user community is realizing that third-party software support vendors like Spinnaker Support can help them navigate through the fog of S/4HANA uncertainty, restore high-caliber SAP support, and reduce IT costs.

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