What Is SpectrumTMS – and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

“Technical managed services,” also known as infrastructure managed services, is the outsourcing of the technical management of your enterprise applications to a third-party company or Managed Service Provider (MSP).

  • النهج الذي نتبعه

Free up your team to focus on new initiatives that advance your business.

With SpectrumTMS managed services, Spinnaker Support transfers the weight of managing the application infrastructure from your team to ours. For over a decade, customers have engaged Spinnaker Support for its unmatched depth of technical experience and a flexible, consultative approach.

Whether you require expertise in Oracle technology, JD Edwards CNC, or SAP Basis or BI tools, our global technical teams work closely with you to define the exact services you need to optimize your specific infrastructure. This includes legacy software, operating systems, and cloud and hybrid platforms.

SpectrumTMS delivers only the Oracle and SAP skills and services you request, whether that’s patching and backups or the complete day-to-day management of your basic IT functions. We manage and monitor your systems at all hours, ensuring that your business technologies are running at peak performance.

Experience peace of mind with SpectrumTMS.

Spinnaker Support offers varying levels of remotely delivered technical managed services to help your products and systems run at peak performance. Our fair and transparent pricing is always established after a thorough needs assessment and discovery process.

  • المراقبة
  • التنبيه
  • فحوصات السلامة
  • التدقيقات الأمنية
  • Clones, backups, and recovery
  • إدارة طلبات المستخدم
  • تحسين الأداء
  • التصحيح
  • إدارة التغيير
  • نشر الكود
  • إدارة المسافة

ما يدفعك إلى اختيار Spinnaker Support

خدمات شاملة

خدمات تركز على ITIL، مخصصة لتطبيقاتك وعملياتك

يتم تقديمها حسب الحاجة

يتم توفير خدمات مُدارة تتسم بسرعة الاستجابة على مدار الساعة طوال العام بلا انقطاع

فريق الهندسة العالمي

Level 2 and 3, with average 20+ years’ experience

يتم التصعيد عند الاقتضاء

Ability to bring in expert Level 4 staff for more complex issues

'Lifetime' Assistance

Extending your product performance for as long as you need

Single-Vendor Solution

Consolidate your services, support, and consulting with one trusted partner

Ready for a Phenomenal Service Experience?

Request a complimentary consultation to learn more about how we deliver exceptional technical managed services, personalized for your enterprise needs.

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