SAP BI Managed Services: Business Warehouse (BW)

Your enterprise relies heavily on tools such as SAP Business Warehouse to collect, transform, and store data generated in SAP and non-SAP applications. BI tools make data insights accessible through built-in reporting, business intelligence, and analytics tools.

If your IT team is understaffed, facing extensive integration and reporting issues, or lacking advanced data warehousing product skills, then it’s time to enlist the expertise Spinnaker Support. Our SAP BI Managed Services are designed to complement your team and provide ongoing, customized assistance for your specific SAP BI products.

The SAP Business Warehouse (BW) package supports a wide range of services for this popular model-driven data warehousing product – regardless of whether the version remains covered by SAP Support. The BW package can be contracted as a standalone service or in conjunction with other BI Managed Services or Basis Managed Services.

Our services cover the Data Warehouse (Backend), for modelling, extraction, and cleansing of data, and the Business Explorer (Bex) tools (Frontend) for reporting.

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Ability to bring in expert Level 4 staff to solve complex issues

BI Specialists

Average 19+ years experience in SAP Basis and BI

‘Lifetime’ Support For SAP Products

Continue using your stable, customized, and productive applications for as long as you need.

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Customer satisfaction ratings that annually exceed 98٫7%.

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SAP products covered

When to Consider This Package

  • You are experiencing ongoing BW issues well beyond break/fix or general inquiry support.
  • You are experiencing slow performance of the BI systems over time.
  • You have limited internal resources and need additional knowledge or BW skills.
  • SAP no longer supports your version of BW, but you do not want to migrate away.
  • Your System Integrator (SI) does not have the required skills to support you.

Example Services Included

SAP BW Managed Services standard package offering includes the following BW and Basis tasks:

  • General Tasks
    • Early Watch Alert / House Keeping activities
    • Support Package Strategy
    • Backup Strategy
    • Creating new reports (if applicable)
  • Basis Team Monitoring
    • Basis Jobs
    • Database checks (Space Overview / Database overview / Table Space check / Free Space Monitoring)
  • General Application Monitoring
    • Monitoring Data Staging
    • Process chain monitoring / Daily data update monitoring / Data and Reports
    • Monitoring Query Performance
  • Data Management tasks
    • Delete PSA / Delete change log / Delete BW statistics tables / Delete unused Queries / Delete Aggregates
    • Archive Data- Data refresh in Q&D Systems
  • Consistency checks – Schedule RSRV object Checks, analysis and carry out repairs
  • Performance issues – Compression of cubes / Aggregates management / Index maintenance and monitoring / Prefilling cache
  • Security – Authorization and assigning roles
  • System Upgrade/Update – Updating SAP BW systems / Migration to BW/4HANA

Reach Out to Start a Conversation

BI managed services are a strategic, affordable solution that can streamline your SAP operations and deliver ongoing stability, higher performance, and longer-term innovation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your specific needs.

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